"If you are so busy that you don't have time to think, then it's time to think!"


I was on a plane many years ago, talking to a gentleman about our respective careers. He asked me how long I had been selling and how I had managed to be successful over a thirty-year period. I told him my 4 Rules of Selling.

  1. Always tell the truth (my father taught me that). Integrity is paramount to any business success.
  2. I will always return phone calls and texts and e mails within 24 hours; I would like you to do the same. It’s called courtesy, an old fashioned virtue.
  3. If I make a mistake I will admit it. If you make a mistake don’t blame me because I’m the consultant. We are partners.
  4. Have fun!​ Get to know your clients, and be genuinely interested in them. Your business will flourish and you will have far more fun dealing with them.

My new friend asked me to add one more to my list so I did….”Make at least one person smile a day”. It’s amazing that whenever I tell this story and get to number 5 people smile. I recently added one more: “Always try to do the right thing and then do it right”. Rules for business and for life right? So with that sales experience and attitude as my background, I believe I am uniquely qualified to help you too!

Personal information.​

I was born in England and came to America in 1984. I enjoy watching most sports, playing golf as well as reading and home renovations. I am a musician when I can find the time, and have authored and published 2 books. The first was when I was flying almost 100,000 miles a year and is called Rules of the Road: Tales of a Road Warrior. The second is Rocky: The Autobiography of a Chipmunk Chaser. 100% of the money from the sales go to a non-profit (Rocky’s Trust Fund) for people who cannot afford cancer care for their pets. www.rockyhelps.com is the web address. As part of this charity effort, I have had numerous radio and TV interviews and book signings. For 12 years, I also helped run the largest party in America on Christmas Day, for homeless, handicapped and underprivileged children. I am currently working with a local college on a mentoring program for students.

Why should you call me?

Whether you are the owner of the company or running a sales force, you are probably busy trying to sustain your business, so there may be some basic things that need to be addressed but are taking a back seat.

  • Do you need new ideas on how to present your products or services to the market?
  • Does your company need help with sales, marketing, responses to RFP’s, proposals?
  • Are you able to clearly articulate the difference between the features and benefits of your products, and how to present them to your prospects and customers?
  • Are you finding it difficult working with prospects during long sales cycles?
  • Are you just stuck doing what you are doing and need someone to bounce ideas off and listen their advice?

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